Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Hey all!  Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Let’s do some recapping, shall we?

Early in the weekend, I came across these beauties…ImageWhen I first heard that Blue Diamond came out with fruit flavored and coffee flavored almonds, I searched nearby grocery stores high and low for them, and they were no where to be found! Finally while wandering down an aisle in the grocery store Friday, I found them!  I limited myself to three different flavors – blueberry, caramel macchiato, and mocha.  All three flavors were extremely addicting!

ImageSunday, I had two Memorial Day picnics – one at my mom’s house and one at my dad’s.   A big grocery shopping trip was done before the picnic at my mom’s to make sure we had all the makings of a healthy picnic, as you can tell by our shopping cart!ImageTo ensure there were healthy options available for me and the other health conscious family members and friends, we decided on grilling chicken breasts and a huge mix of veggies.ImageMy last veggie medley was a hit with the fam on Easter, so I was pretty confident in this one, too!ImageThis vegetable medley included broccoli, brussel sprouts, bell peppers, red onion, green beans, and purple potatoes.  All vegetables were tossed with olive oil, pepper, thyme, lemon juice, and dried lemon peel before being put on the grill.  ImageFamily members brought some yummy healthy side salads – a spaghetti squash salad, a bean salad, and a watermelon-feta arugala salad.

After eating, we all just relaxed and caught up with each other.


Elyse and me

Once it got dark, we had a fire pit in the backyard, where we made s’mores and the musicians of the group played guitar and sang songs…cliche, I know.

ImageAll in all it was a great day with family and friends!



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