Physique 57, Bare Burger & Plank A Day In May Challenge Updates

After FitBlogNYC Meet & Tweet, some of us that met for coffee prior to the event regrouped to go for drinks.  Having just finished a workout and having another workout scheduled at Physique 57 for later, I thought water would be a smart choice!


Diana, me, Wendy, Nikki, and Jennifer, and Susan was taking the picture!

After hanging out and chatting for a while, Diana and I had to head out to our Physique 57 class!  Upon arriving at Physique 57, we were reunited with some other FitBlogNYC attendees – Amber and Courtney!  Physique 57 is known to be Kelly Ripa’s workout of choice.  The combination of “isometric exercises and orthopedic stretches lengthens and sculpts your muscles and creates a beautiful, lean body.”

We were the four newbs of the class, so the teaching assistant was our best friend.  Our instructor, Emily Zuzelski, was FABULOUS!  The four of us fitness bloggers, weren’t used to this kind of a workout, so we were definitely feeling the burn!  As Emily says, “If it’s burning, it’s firming!”  She had another class right after ours so sadly, we couldn’t get our picture taken with her.  However, Natasha, who set up the event, was kind enough to come in and take pictures during the class.

ImageImageImageImageAs much as my thighs and butt hurt during the class, I felt amazing afterwards!

ImageWhen we came out of the class Organic Avenue had set up some samples for us to try.Image

My favorite was the light green juice on the right, called the Matcha Chia Glow.

ImageAfter this second workout of the day, I was starving.  Amber, Courtney, and I hit up Bare Burger for dinner, where I got a California Turkey Burger in a Lettuce Wrap. It was a beautiful night so we were lucky enough to be able to sit outside too!

#PlankADayInMay Updates!

Everyone is increasing their time!  Some participants haven’t emailed me, and I haven’t had time to reach out to remind anyone this week with having final exams, so the list is a bit shorter this week!  If you’re one of the people who forgot to email me, just email me next week with your updated time!  Next Monday is the end of the challenge already!  Here’s how you guys are doing!

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 6.59.46 PM

 So as of now, Karl is in the lead!

Keep on planking!


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