Diet-to-Go Review

Hello all!

I mentioned before that I am currently a Diet-to-Go ambassador.  Diet-to-Go is a meal delivery company that allows those of us who are constantly on the go to still eat healthy and lose weight.  With Diet-to-Go being too busy to cook for yourself is no longer an excuse to eating unhealthy!  Each meal takes several minutes to make.

Diet-to-Go offers three different meal plan options: traditional, low-carb, or vegetarian. All meals use real food that is freshly prepared by chefs.  I chose the low-carb meal plan.

This is one of my favorite breakfasts from the plan:  Quiche, with green beans and sausage.  The quiche was delicious and definitely my favorite part!  I also enjoyed the green beans and I’m not even a huge green bean fan to begin with!  Green beans are a side for several of the meals I tried.  For being frozen and then microwaved, the beans maintained a level of crispness to them as if they were never frozen, and just cooked for the first time.  You know how some frozen meals have like soggy green beans? That wasn’t the case with these!


Another delicious meal…

ImageImageThe vegetables in this meal were sooo tasty!  Also the sausage wasn’t all greasy and the eggs weren’t rubbery as they sometimes can be in other brands of frozen meals.ImageImageThis chicken was fabulous! The seasonings were great as well!  The cauliflower puree tasted better than any cauliflower puree I had ever made.  The spices in the puree were great as well – they gave the puree a little kick!  The flavors went together very well.

If you want to eat healthy, but don’t know where to start, you’re too busy, or you just don’t like to cook, then I would recommend Diet-to-Go!  For a limited time only, Diet-to-Go is offering readers a 25% discount on their first week of meals. Simply plug in the coupon code “summer25” at check-out for 25% off your first order!


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