#FitBlogNYC Meet & Tweet

We’re officially a week away from the #FitBlogNYC Meet & Tweet!  Words cannot describe how excited I am for this event!  I received my business cards in the mail yesterday, and they came out great!


Last night there was a Twitter Chat with some of us who are attending.  We were also lucky enough to be joined by Christie Griffin, a digital director at Fitness. She was great at helping out with any questions we had!  She even let us in on a few of the guest speakers that will be at the event.  We were ecstatic to hear that the Smitten Kitchen, Possessionista, and FitBottomedGirls will be three of the speakers!  I am so excited to hear what advice these three experts have to offer on food, fashion, fitness and blogging!

We were also told to bring sunglasses because some of the speakers may go outside, provided the weather is nice – as of now it’s supposed to be warm and sunny!  Fingers crossed!

And all of us runners were practically jumping out of our seats when Christie told us to bring our favorite shoes if we run.  For those who don’t run, there will be an alternative workout option.

Physique 57 has invited us to a class following the meet & tweet!  This day is getting better and better!  I’ve been wanting to try a barre class for a while now, so I’m really looking forward to this!  Organic Avenue is even sponsoring refreshments following the class at Physique 57.

After the Twitter chat, I’m even more excited to meet everyone, hear from the guest speakers, and try new workouts!  And so the countdown begins…7 days!



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