Weekend Recap and #PlankADayinMay Challenge Begins!!

Hi there!  How was your weekend?

My weekend was filled with sunshine, friends, family, fitness, and healthy foods!

After a three mile run on Saturday morning, I headed to a long and relaxing yoga class.  I felt so good by the end, I was almost sure I could have laid there all day.  Considering there was another class starting to come in, I slowly got myself moving again and forced myself to get up.  Feeling almost too relaxed after yoga, I stopped on my way home to grab a drink at Starbucks.  Espresso does the trick, man, let me tell you.  I was already feeling more awake after the first few sips.

ImageMy only complaint is that there was not enough espresso in there to my liking.  So after a few sips, I saved the rest to pour over more espresso once I got home.  When I got home it was lunch time, so a refreshing salad accompanied my Iced Hazelnut Macchiato.ImageAnd a little later, I was hungry for a snack.  I figured I should start working on that shelf full of Chobani in my fridge, so I went for the black cherry flavor.  It was actually my first time trying the black cherry.  I’m not a huge fan of anything flavored cherry, but it was pretty good!  I’m still partial to peach though!


Cinco De Mayo

I didn’t do anything too crazy for Cinco de Mayo.  I did make some crazy good food though!ImageOn top of the salad went a Cilantro Lime Dressing.  I got the recipe from The Garden Grazer.ImageI’m going to be adding the recipes for both of the salads in this post later this week, so check back for those!

I also used the almond flour that’s been sitting in my pantry for about a month now untouched.  I used Liz’s recipe for almond flour berry muffins.  So now I have something to snack on throughout the week!


Then it was back to the grind this morning with an early, early morning gym trip.  I realized I never read for one of my classes today, so I killed two birds with one stone.


On the way home, I stopped for Starbucks.  I’m a big fan of their  blonde roast!


#PlankaDayinMay Challenge

Today is the first day of the #plankadayinmay challenge!  I’ll be doing the challenge along with everyone. My starting time was 2:10.  Here are all of your starting times.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 9.19.56 AM

Now the tough part – remembering to plank every single day!  I’m excited to see how much everyone improves by next Monday!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and #PlankADayinMay Challenge Begins!!

  1. Fiesta/Taco/Mexican salads are my favorite! I love the different textures and the crunch. I definitely want to try to find a yoga studio around here, those classes melt away all my stress.

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