Who am I? And Why Do I Like Running?

“Alright, you girls are going to be running outside around the school today.”

These are the words I dreaded hearing in the beginning of dance team practices in high school.  Everyone on the team despised these days…We dance.  We don’t run!…as if the very thought of us running was unfathomable and almost humorous.  If it was a day we were running outside, that meant we were running around the whole one block(!!!) that our school sat on.  If we were running inside, we’d maybe take four or five laps around the tiny cafeteria where we practiced.  During our runs around the block, I remember that none of us could make it the whole way without tiring out and walking, so we would walk the side of the block that was furthest from where we started, and then run again, so that we returned to our coach in an out-of-breath state.


ahh..the good old dance team days

So here I am today, two years later, and running is my cardio of choice.  Running is something I have started to crave.  What happened?!

Determination, drive, self-satisfaction…that’s what happened.

When I started college, I was no longer dancing, so I started going to the gym to stay active.  I started out on the ellipticals, but found myself bored within five minutes of getting on the machine each day.  So I started running/walking on the treadmill, and I don’t really know what happened but running turned into a new found love ❤

This wasn’t an overnight thing.  This was weeks of pushing myself to get past 5 minutes of running, then 10 minutes of running…15…you get the picture. I think the first time I ran 20 minutes without stopping was probably the moment I was hooked.  I remember how surprised I was with myself, and proud too!

I am an extremely self-disciplined person.  I always have been, which always helped out in the grade department in school.  The feeling after running a distance or time I started out thinking I could never do is as gratifying as getting straight A’s in school after studying my patootie off.  I like to push myself and I like to see results.

ImageDean’s List Ceremony – Hope I don’t cheese that hard when I finish a good run.

Other reasons I love running:

1.  I get to blare my tunes and just rock out (in my mind of course) as I run.

2.  Having danced from the age of 2 until high school, I like following the beat with my tempo. In a way, it’s a form of dancing…I’m moving my body to the beat.

3.  It’s my “me” time.  If I want to let my mind wander and completely zone out on something that’s been in my mind lately, I can.  I don’t have to talk or pay attention to anyone during that time.

4.  Running serves as my happy pills.  I feel euphoric after I’ve finished an awesome run.  I leave the gym in a much happier state than I arrived in.  It’s the perfect stress reliever.

5.  Keeps me fit…duh.

6.  The running community is awesome.

7.  The sky is the limit…there is always room for improvement.  Not like when you reach the last level of a video game and beat it and then it’s like “Well, now what?”

8.  It gives me a reason to be on pretty paths, such as this one.


How did you get into running?  Did you used to be that person that hated running?

If you haven’t yet, enter the #PlankADayInMay Challenge!  Tomorrow is the last day to enter!!  Winner gets a prize!


6 thoughts on “Who am I? And Why Do I Like Running?

  1. I basically started the same way! In high school it was like, run for 10 minutes without stopping? LOL. Then one day at the gym in college all of the elliptical were full so I guess, treadmill it is. From that day on I started setting newer and bigger goals for myself and now here I am enjoying running. Weird.

  2. Kayla, my name is Gracie Updyke and I am the CEO of Gracie’s Gear, the BEST pocket running bra and tank out there!!! I wanted to share our kickstarter campaign with you and I really hope you enjoy the video. If you feel compelled, I appreciate you sharing it with anybody. Thanks for blogging. I LOVE this.



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