Praise Mother Nature!

Happy Friday!

Anyone else enjoying some absolutely beautiful weather like I have been?!  With three weeks left in my semester and the rising temperatures, I’m more antsy than ever for Summer’s arrival!  I’ve been taking advantage of this weather and doing as much as I can outside these past few days.   Did I mention yet, how I’m also obsessed with flats, and a little bit ecstatic that it’s now flats weather?! 🙂


(This picture wouldn’t be so skinny if I didn’t have to cut out the abundance of clothes laying on my bathroom floor.  Cleaning is on the to-do list this weekend.)

Last night, my nephew, Jayden, was over!  He played outside while dinner was being prepared.  I find it amazing how kids can so easily entertain themselves by simply running around in circles.


Elyse came over for dinner too, and we all ate out on the back patio as the sun was setting.


Lemon-pepper chicken cooked on the grill, a baked sweet potato, and a kale salad with cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, sesame seeds, fresh garlic, sea salt, and black pepper.



Since Jadyn takes a long time to eat and everyone else was finished and sitting at the table waiting for him to finish, I needed some way to entertain myself while waiting, right?  What better to entertain myself than capturing funny pictures of a four year old as they’re eating?

IMG_2001 IMG_1998 IMG_1997

Afterwards, we took the dogs on a walk to tire them (and Jadyn) out for bedtime when we returned home.

Onto today!  This morning started out with egg whites and oatmeal, banana and peanut butter.


I then hit the gym for a 3 mile run before heading out on what I thought would be a hike with Elyse.



…after arriving at the trail we realized that due to Hurricane Sandy the trees had all been cut down and the trail was closed for the time being due to public safety issues.  Freaking Sandy!


So, instead we walked the concrete path around the park.


Afterwards we found a grassy area and did some yoga followed by some lunch that we packed.


Strawberries, blackberries, celery, laughing cow wedge, sugar snap peas


Then, I came home and completed Workout A from Phase Three of Best Body Bootcamp.  Did anyone else’s wrists crack during each upright row or is that just me and my awkward joints?  Good thing I wasn’t at the gym doing these!


A vanilla-blueberry protein shake helped me recover from all of the morning activity.  I used Designer Whey Protein that  I just bought yesterday.  The taste is great!  I also love how it’s not super expensive, as we all know some protein powders can be ridiculously pricey!

#PlankaDayinMay Challenge 

May 5th is quickly approaching!  If you plan on entering the #PlankaDayinMay Challenge, be sure to email me at before midnight on Sunday, May 5th with your starting plank time!  Rules for the challenge can be found here.

Enjoy your Friday!


4 thoughts on “Praise Mother Nature!

  1. We were having great running weather here in St. Louis but now it’s cold and rainy again :(. I guess I’ll have to wait to next weekend to hit the trails. Getting excited for your plank challenge!

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