Lean Legs Workout & Food Prep Sunday

Let’s do a little weekend recap first.

First, my legs are crazy sore from my leg workout on Friday.  I’ve been spraying biofreeze on my quads like no other.  And if a workout makes me that sore, then of course I have to share it with you guys, right?

Lean Legs Workout – 3 sets of 15-20 reps for each exercise

1.  Squats on smith machine

2.  Leg Curl

3.  Leg Press

4.  Leg extension

5.  Dumbbell Deadlifts

6.  Calf press

7.  Hip Abductors

8. HIp Adductors


Picture time!


I finally tried the new hazelnut macchiato at Starbucks that has been advertised everywhere I look.  I got the skinny version, and it did not taste all sugar-free like their skinny drinks usually do! 10 points for Starbucks…I’m impressed.  This was gone in about ten minutes, I kid you not.


Strawberries on arugala, with some dried cranberries and nuts and balsamic vinegar – my favorite summertime salad.


Egg whites that look like a pancake with tomatoes and onions in there with some parm.  This was my post-workout protein on Friday.


This has pretty much been my breakfast for the past few days or so.  I’m addicted.


Dinner last night was very green – Turkey Burgers in a lettuce wrap, salad, and broccoli.  The salad: spinach with heirloom tomatoes, cukes, tomatoes, some feta, red onion, sunflower seeds,drizzled with balsamic vinegar.


I wasn’t paying attention at the grocery store last weekend, and grabbed a mint plant, when I meant to pick up a basil plant.  I didn’t realize it until we got home, so now we have fresh mint to use…I threw some sliced strawberries and mint leaves into a pitcher of water to give it a refreshing taste.

I was so tired last night that I couldn’t get very creative while cooking, so I made turkey burgers on the grill  They were made out of Lean Ground Turkey and a Mediterranean seasoning, and then sprinkled with some shredded parm.  They weren’t too bad for the lack of effort that went into them.

I had mine on a lettuce leaf, with avocado slices, and some mustard.


I’ve been loving these little Chobani bites for dessert.  Pictured below is the raspberry with chocolate chips, but my favorite flavor is coffee with chocolate chips.  Way to go, Chobes.


After dinner, grocery shopping had to be done.  Came home with these goodies…Image

I was delighted to see the berries were on sale at the store!  Usually the only berries I buy fresh are strawberries due to the high prices, but all berries were on sale, so I helped myself to blackberries, blueberries and strawberries!

Pictured above: Spinach, cukes, tomatoes, and red onion for salads, Leftover turkey burgers, cut up red peppers for salads, bananas, pear, and grapes

Other things being prepped for this week:

Sonoma Chicken Salad – To make this I mix together plain non-fat chobani, shredded chicken, dried cranberries, celery, chopped walnuts, and a little apple cider vinegar.


I have brownie balls left over from last week:


And I will leave you with this new exercise I found…

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 12.49.51 PM

I know I’ll be incorporating this one into my workout today.


6 thoughts on “Lean Legs Workout & Food Prep Sunday

  1. Love the leg workout – my fave! Burgers are always my go-to when I feel a bit apathetic about cooking food.

    Hug a ball? OMG, that totally made me smile!

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