Chick’d Fitness Apparel!

I have an awesome new fitness apparel brand to talk to you guys about today!  But first, I haven’t shared breakfast in awhile.


Overnight oats, banana, strawberries and Wild Friends Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Putter

Also, another quick announcement – yesterday I got my invite to the Fitness Magazine’s Meet & Tweet FitBlogNYC event!  I am so excited to meet other health and fitness bloggers, talk with editors, and learn about new fitness brands!

Chick’d Fitness Apparel

Alright, so what’s better than two female entrepreneurs designing fitness apparel for women who are active like themselves?  The fact that these two chicks use eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing processes to make their apparel.  Alison and Michelle, the founders of Chick’d, have a mission to “meet the socially and environmentally conscious women through manufacturing [their] product in Canada, with a focus on sustainable fabric sources.”

As a Chick’d Ambassador, I was able to choose two items out of their collection.  I went with the Cadence Capri and the Eucalyptus tee.  I wore both to the gym this morning through an INTENSE leg workout followed by a three mile run.


I am VERY picky about what I wear when I workout, so I was overjoyed to find that both of these items went beyond meeting my standards!

My criteria for capris:

  1. They must not be too low or too high in the waist.
  2. They need to stay up…running while pulling up my pants every few seconds doesn’t look too flattering.  It also throws my balance off a bit.
  3. They must not be see-thru.  I’m shocked by the number of high-end fitness apparel companies that have not figured this one out yet. (eghem…Lulu Lemon)
  4. They must not show sweat marks.  Again, not a pretty sight.

Along with meeting my criteria, the Cadence capri fit me perfectly, had an awesome shape and perfect tightness.


The Eucalyptus tee was super soft and comfy.  The moisture control feature helped keep me dry when things started heating up on my run. The fabric didn’t cling to my skin as some of my other tops do when I start to sweat. Other features of Eucalyptus include:  wrinkle resistance, naturally antibacterial (which can prevent breakouts on back or chest), quick drying, and lightweight.


Chick’d in action.

Alison and Michelle are awesome and giving everyone who follows @chickdapparel on Twitter and hashtags #chickd 25% off their first purchase.

Disclaimer: Chick’d sent me these items as part of their Ambassador Program. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


5 thoughts on “Chick’d Fitness Apparel!

  1. That shirt looks so cute! I prefer running in t-shirts over tank tops; I’m a bit of a chafe-risk.

    I’m not too picky about my bottoms, but I hear you on the must-stay-up requirement. I hate that corner-side britches yank while waiting for the light to turn green

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