Happy WIAW!

As I write this I’m sitting on the bus on my way back to PA from the city. I have been thoroughly enjoying reading everyone’s WIAW posts and looking at all the great healthy foods you all have been enjoying! They make my super busy Wednesdays a little bit better.

So here’s what I’ve been eating so far this week:

Tilapia with probably too many roasted brussel sprouts and mushrooms. I have been loving roasted brussel sprouts lately!

A hard boiled egg with some sugar snap peas after a workout on Monday.

I had this same lunch both Monday and Tuesday. Kale salad, Sonoma chicken salad, and some more sugar snap peas. I am loving this Sonoma chicken salad. I might prep it again for next weeks lunches too. It’s been so quick and easy to eat during a quick break at home in between classes. Not to mention it keeps me full for the rest of my afternoon classes thanks to all the protein from the chicken and Greek yogurt in there.

Raw brownie balls – These little babies have been serving as dessert and giving me my chocolate fix. Recipe coming soon, I promise!

Last nights dinner: a lemony chicken stir-fry dish including sugar snap peas and mushrooms and some sundried tomatoes, with a side of cheesy wheat berry!

Chobani with Bananas and some of my homemade blueberry maple granola – another one of my post workout snacks.

Another successful week of healthy eats!


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