Sunday Food Prep and Best Body Bootcamp!

Hey everyone!  Time for Sunday Food Prep, which I usually do, but rarely document.  But first, let’s talk Best Body Bootcamp!

After some overnight PB&J oats, I hit the gym for a two mile run with some intervals and hills that left my legs achin’!  After that, I got an early start on this weeks workouts and completed Workout A from Phase 2.  Tina has incorporated pulses in this workout, and boy do they hurt!  This workout focused on legs and shoulders.  Pulsing while in lunges and squats after a run using hills was quite challenging, but I got through!


 Overnight PB&J Oats

Sunday Food Prep


Top Left:  Homemade Blueberry Maple granola in baggies for snacks during the week

Top Middle:  Hard-boiled eggs for snacks or to top salads with

Top Right: Cooked Wheat Berry to top salads
Middle Left:  Chicken Sonoma Salad for lunches
Middle, Middle: Strawberries for snacks
Bottom Left:  Whole Grain Blueberry pancakes for quick breakfasts
Bottom Middle:  Celery for snacks
Bottom Right:  Raw Brownie Balls (Recipe coming soon on blog!)
Ready to take on the week ahead with some healthy eats! 🙂

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