My Favorite Running Moments & Amazing Grass Giveaway Winner

Yesterday morning, I struggled to really get going.  Despite this, I forced myself to get into gym clothes, lace up my sneakers and head out the door.  I just wasn’t feeling as motivated as usual.

I got to the gym, and started my warm up walk on the treadmill.  I counted down the last of the five minutes of walking before I had to actually expend some effort and run. I don’t know what it was, I was just not feelin’ it!

A few minutes into my run, I couldn’t seem to get in my stride. I couldn’t find my rhythm. My body felt so unenergized. I decided I’d just do a 20 minute quick HIIT interval run so this can be over with as soon as possible.  Even that was hard for me to imagine doing, after only 3 minutes of running, I thought, “17 long, agonizing minutes left of this run.” My thoughts were anything but motivating.  I pushed through each step, continued to place one foot in front of the other and just continued through the motions.

However, when I got to about 17 minutes, the tiredness went away and I was starting to find my stride.  So I thought maybe this could be my hour long run if I’m starting to feel better.  I quickly did the math and thought, “wait that’s 40 more minutes.  That’s double what I just ran – I can’t do that.”  Still chugging along, I soon found myself at the 30 minute mark – 3.2 miles. I was feeling tired, but I kept going.  Soon I found myself at 40 minutes – 4.25 miles.  I realized I was more than halfway to 60 minutes.  Well at this point I just had to keep going.  I grew more tired and at the 45 minute mark, there was no way I would “turn back” then.  With only 15 minutes left to make an hour, I pushed through, played my favorite, most upbeat music and totally rocked out those last 15 minutes, even upping my speed again. I finished off at 60 minutes having reached 6.4 miles.

love these moments.  I run for these moments.  Those days when you’re tired.  Your muscles are tired.  Maybe it’s just a yucky, lazy day.  But you drag yourself out there anyway.  And in the end you surprise yourself.  As cheesy as this sounds, I think this can be carried over to life. We’re capable of more than we think.  Sometimes we need to ignore our thoughts to push through an obstacle.

I started yesterday’s run out thinking a long run was out of the question.  I was even a little worried about the 20 minute I settled on – that’s how bad it was. But instead, I pushed on.  When I pushed on, I surprised myself.  I did better than what I thought I could. I was tired but I pushed through. It feels so much more rewarding to finish a long run when I start off thinking I won’t even be able to run three miles that day.

I left the gym feeling euphoric and accomplished!  I knew if I didn’t push myself and I just gave in at 20 minutes I’d leave the gym feeling regretful.  “Could I have run further? Longer? Faster maybe?  Did I really give it 100%?” 

What are some of your favorite running (or exercise) moments?

Amazing Grass Giveaway Winner is….

Amber Madden!  I will email you for more details!


11 thoughts on “My Favorite Running Moments & Amazing Grass Giveaway Winner

  1. I felt like this this morning! I told myself last night that i would wake up and just do the HIIT on the treadmill this morning and lift after school (i had to wake up earlier today). I ended up waking up before my alarm and getting in the entire workout and feeling amazing after it!! Woo! I’m not sure I could run an hour, but awesome that you did!

  2. I think this week has been for me one of my greatest struggles in the gym. Having to work later and not getting to the gym at 5, but instead 10 and 11 pm has been killing me.

    But yesterday, when I was at the edge of exhaustion and wanted to go straight home from work, I didn’t. I went to the gym, loaded up the shoulders with rep after rep…and honestly it felt like my energy was unlimited! An hour later I left and thought, “Where did that come from!?”

    Needless to say, I slept like a baby and woke up feeling like a warrior 🙂

    Nice post…lovin your blog!

  3. Some of my favorite running moments, generally happen during races. I love (though it doesn’t happen often enough:) when I am running a marathon and get a runners high, and feel great and like I could keep on going well after the finish. On another note, some of my favorite moments are the times I have to fight the hardest. Weather elements, sickness, etc.. when you lose control and have to suffer through a race and dig deep to find that extra fight. Although during the moment I may not think its great, I love the feeling after when you can say “yes I did just fight through that, to finish”… Awesome moments!!!

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