Best Body Bootcamp Check-in

Morning!  Oh, how I’ve missed waking up to the birds chirping!  Yay for Spring finally being here!

Best Body Bootcamp

Phase One is now over!  Yesterday I completed the last workout for the week.  It’s safe to say I woke up feeling a little sore today.  Those One-Leg Touch Down Squats really killed my rear after a run on the treadmill that used inclines yesterday.  I’m nervous to see how today’s run goes.


– I noticed that my core stabilization has gotten better.  The first time completing the wide leg plank with jab was ROUGH.  The second week they weren’t as bad – definitely still challenging though.

– I also noticed that my core has gotten tighter from all of the stabilization moves.

– Slightly increased balance.

Next Phase

The next phase focuses on muscular endurance.  The workouts focus on certain muscle groups instead of all being full body like the last phase.  One of the workouts in this next phase continues to work on stability from the last phase.  It’s nice to switch things up this week and I’m excited to start a brand new set of workouts.  It keeps things fresh and prevents boredom with my workouts.  It also continues to challenge my body before it gets too used to the exercises.


As another incentive for all of you to hop on the Best Body Bootcamp train, I was the $100 weekly winner last week!  Glad to know my hard work paid off 😛  I’m thinking of buying some new workout gear with that? Yes?

I’m off to the gym followed by some food prepping for the week.


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