My workout playlist

Morning all!  Happy Sunday 🙂  I don’t know about where you live, but here in PA it is a gorgeous day outside.


Sadie’s enjoying the sun from indoors perfectly fine.  She is such a goof.

Breakfast yesterday and today was whipped banana oatmeal topped with more banana and peanut butter!  I have a problem with the banana and peanut butter combination – why is it so addicting?!


After breakfast, as usual I hit the gym, got in 4.5 miles yesterday and 3 miles today, both using interval training.  After my run yesterday, I completed the Best Body Bootcamp workout.  Still loving these workouts!

Today, I wanted to share what music I’ve been running to lately.  I find that music plays a big part in my workouts.  If I’m getting tired of my playlist or it doesn’t pump me up as much anymore, it negatively affects my workout and I’m not as motivated. That being said, I’m always on the lookout for new music and songs that I can add to my playlist every few days to keep it fresh and new.  Maybe some of these songs will be new to you and you can add them to your playlist to help keep you motivated during a run!

One last thing I like about the songs on my playlist is that because they are so upbeat, they are great for my interval runs.  I just start running at a moderate pace, and during the chorus of each song, when the songs gets really good, I’ll bump my speed up to a higher level.  The song is at my favorite part and it helps to find the strength to get through the rough interval.  Then for the verses I bring the speed back down to a moderate pace.  I love doing intervals this way.  It feels natural, I don’t have to watch the time, and I think I’m able to run faster and longer this way.

Okay – here’s my current playlist:

1.  Gone, Gone, Gone – Phillip Phillips

2.  I Choose U – Timeflies

3. Alive – Krewellla

4.  Life in Color – OneRepublic

5.  Counting Stars – OneRepublic

6.  Tonight – Jessica Sanchez feat. Ne-Yo

7.  Is This Love – Alex Gaudino feat. Jordin Sparks

8.  Demi Lovato – Heart Attack

9.  Turn Around – Conor Maynard

10.  What About Us – The Saturdays

11.  Swoon – Timeflies

12.  Hands in the Air – Timbaland

13.  Feel This Moment – Pitbull feat. Christina Aguilera

14.  Every Teardrop is a Waterfall – Coldplay (Swedish House Mafia Remix)

15.  Fight for This Love – Cheryl Cole

There’s more on my gym playlist, but these are my favorites I find myself always switching to!


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