Papillon Bistro & Bar

After completing today’s Best Body Bootcamp workout, I am feeling beat!  I’m sure my mere four hours of sleep from last night is contributing to my tiredness as well.

Last night, my mom and I went to see The Lucky Guy on broadway.  It was sooo good!  Tom Hanks was amazing…naturally!  If you’re near New York City, I’d highly recommend it!

the lucky guy

Since the weather was gorgeous yesterday, my mom and I decided to walk the 25 blocks to the theater from my apartment, and decided we’d just stop to eat somewhere along the way that looked good.  We passed this restaurant called Papillon that smelled awesome!  Well, that did it for us…we easily agreed on the place and headed in.

Once inside, we were in awe at the extremely trendy design of the place.  The dim lighting combined with the loud music and chatter of all the business men and women out for happy hour at the bar gave it a very hip, young feel. The ‘cool’ factor was definitely there.

It was also pretty big for a restaurant in the city.  It was two floors high, with three different bars, lounging areas and then restaurant seating which was mostly separated from the bars by curtains.

Deciding what to order at Papillon was not as easy as our decision to eat there.  My mom and I were both stuck between the salmon, scallops, halibut and lamb chops.  Everything was sounding good to us.  I settled on the Pan-Seared Scallops which came with sweet potatoes au gratin, green peas, and a red wine glaze.


The presentation was beautiful.  The scallops were pretty big, and seasoned just enough to bring out their natural flavor with a slight crisp from being seared, but not too much!  And that cheesy covered thing the scallops are setting on – that’s the sweet potato au gratin…holy yum was that good!  I’d like to think I could try to recreate that at home, but there’s no way.  The sauce on the dish was interesting…tasty, but interesting.  I couldn’t really taste the red wine in it or pinpoint exactly what was in it.  Nevertheless, it complemented the dish quite well and offered a different flavor than what I’m used to!

My one and only complaint is that I wish there were more veggies included in the meal.  I thought I was getting an actual side of peas, but it turns out they just sprinkled a few on there.  I suppose that sweet potato au gratin made up for it though!


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