Best Body Bootcamp!


From the time I started blogging, I kept seeing this ‘Best Body Bootcamp‘ by Tina Reale on other health and fitness blogs.  After reading what the bootcamp was about during the last round and reading many phenomenal reviews of the program, I decided to sign up for Round 5!  Round 5 started this past Monday, the day after Easter.  And after how I ate at Easter, this was perfect timing!

For only $25, you get weekly workouts, with workout tips, workout alterations, a schedule that you can either follow or complete in your own way and timing throughout each week.  It’s an 8-week program and the workouts change every two weeks.

A Google doc is shared between you and Tina where you mark an X on a chart for completing your workouts and personal goals for each week.  Those X’s can earn you an entry into the weekly drawing for $100, and there’s a grand prize at the very end for $1,000.

For $25 dollars for the whole 8-weeks, I think this is more than worth it.  It saves me time from trying to plan out my workouts.  It gets me in and out of the gym faster because I go in with a plan.  Also, I know a lot of people really like how much room there is for flexibility in the program to continue with any race training plans, or your favorite fitness classes.  She also includes modifications that can make each exercise easier or more challenging.

This first phase in Round 5 focuses on stabilization.  I personally love this because through every move, I’m working my core.  I took one of my rest days Wednesday, so I’m really only three days into the Bootcamp, and I’m already starting to feel sore – a good sign!

For support, there is a private Facebook group for current members of the bootcamp to talk about the workouts and a weekly email from Tina.


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