25 Minute HIIT Treadmill Workout & Cheesy Veggie Quinoa Bowl

Today was started with a bowl of overnight oats, that I forgot to snap a picture of before I dug in. I topped my oats with peanut butter and some strawberries.  After breakfast, I was more than ready to hit the gym after yesterday’s rest day.  Sadie, on the other hand, was having a rather lazy morning!


She’s a chubby, little thing!

I wanted a quick, intense run today.  High Intensity Interval Training it was!  I also get extremely bored working out at the same pace for a long time, so I would much rather do a HIIT run than a longer, distance-focused run.  Not to mention, I love the fact that you continue to burn fat and experience an increase in your metabolism in the 24 hours after a HIIT workout.

After a 5 minute warm-up of walking at 4.0 mph at a 4.0% incline, I completed this run:
ImageShort, sweet, and sweaty!

My face was red as a beet after this run!  I am positive I must have looked like I was dying!

After my quick sweat session on the treadmill, I completed an upper-body superset workout from Peanut Butter Fingers blog.

By the time I got home and showered it was lunch time, and I needed some refueling!


Say hello to the Cheesy Veggie Quinoa Bowl

This brought me back to my Velveeta and Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese lovin’ days.


1/4 c. quinoa

1 1/2 c. vegetables (I used asparagus, broccoli, peppers and onions)

1/2 c. Fat-Free, Low Sodium chicken broth

1 Laughing Cow Light Creamy Swiss Cheese Wedge

1 T. shredded parmesan cheese

1 t. shredded-fat free cheddar cheese


1.  In a small pot, bring chicken broth and quinoa to a boil.  When it begins to boil, cover and simmer for 15-20 minutes, or until you see the little white spirals coming from each of the grains, and the broth is mostly absorbed.

2.  Meanwhile, in a medium pan, saute vegetables with a little bit of olive oil.

3.  When quinoa is done, add it to the veggies in the pan.  Lower the heat to a low setting.

4.  Add in the Laughing Cow cheese wedge, parmesan and shredded cheese, and mix until cheese is just melted.


Delicious and packed with nutrients! Beats Kraft in my book!

I had a perfectly crisp apple on the side.Image

Enjoy your day!


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