What’s in Your #FitnessCloset?

I have been browsing my twitter feed throughout the day, and I have been seeing this trending topic #fitnesscloset and all the bloggers that I follow have been posting what’s in their fitness closet.  Being a lover of both fitness and fashion, I had to join in on the fun!

I’ll admit that I can be a bit obsessive compulsive over my gym outfits.  They must match – all the way from the top to the sneakers, and although my socks can never be seen, I feel better knowing they match too 😉

I’m a huge fan of Nike.  I find their products to be very durable, so usually I think the higher prices are worth it.  Although not all of my fitness apparel is from Nike, I have some staple items from Nike that I love.  Shoes are definitely one of those staple items I’m always willing to spend the extra money on.  A good running shoe is a necessity.

Here are a few of my favorite items in my fitness closet!


Upper Leftt: Racerback tank from Gap Fit’s line.

Upper Right:  Striped half-zip running top from Nike

Middle Left:  Blue Racerback tank from Gap Fit’s line, and a black full-zip Dri-Fit Nike jacket

Middle Right: Plain Black Running Leggings from Old Navy’s fitness line.  I love the way Old Navy’s Running Leggings fit me – perfect length, perfect tightness, I’m not constantly pulling up my pants as I’m running, and it just so happens that they’re pretty cheap as far as fitness apparel goes!

Bottom Left:  New Balance 890V3 running shoe – These shoes have a story to them.  I got them while I was interning at a public relations company last semester.  New Balance was one of the clients, and during my time there, New Balance held it’s Spring 2013 Preview event for magazine editors, TV producers, bloggers, and such. I had to work the event, and everyone working the event got this pair of shoes and had to wear them that day.  It was such an awesome experience, and I got a free pair of shoes before they were even released!

Bottom Right:  Nike Free Runs…I am in love with these shoes.  They are are starting to get dirty though, and I think we may need to part ways soon, sadly.  Nike just released a new Free Run shoe, and I’ve had my eye on them from the day they came out.  I’ll most likely be ordering a new pair within the next few weeks!

Here’s some close-ups:






Upper Left:  Nike Dri-Fit Racerback Tank

Upper Right:  Nike Half-Zip Long-Sleeve Dri-Fit Running Top

Lower Left: Dark Grey Old Navy Running Leggings

Lower Right:  Dark Grey Nike Running Leggings

And all the way on the bottom on the right: Nike Pegasus 28 Running shoes





2 thoughts on “What’s in Your #FitnessCloset?

  1. I invest a lot in my running/yoga clothes too. Most of my workout apparel is Lululemon, and I run in Newtons… I am pretty obsessed with both brands. Lately though I have been browsing Roxy stuff. But anyway, I am running the Nike women’s half marathon in April… I can’t wait! I heard Nike gives out some awesome swag.

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