The New, Total Upper Body Workout

So I wanted to include some of this weekends healthy eats and activities before we got too far into this week!

This past weekend I went rock climbing with one of my best friends for her birthday and we had a blast!   It was much more intense than I thought.  I mean, this wasn’t just some rock climbing set-up you see at fairs.   This was preparing you for climbing actual mountains!  We were taught how to use the pulleys for when the other one of us was climbing and how to tie all these different knots on the ropes of our equipment.  It wasn’t as easy as it looked, but it was pretty awesome.



Let me tell you, my upper body was definitely feeling it the next day!  Even while I was climbing, I felt all of the muscles in my upper body working…biceps, triceps, back, chest…you name it, it was putting in work. After months of doing the same type of workouts in the gym, it was nice to get a completely different type of workout in for a change.

However, I will say, I was a bit disappointed that there was no way to celebrate making it to the top of each course, say with a 20 dollar bill being up there or even a buzzer you press that lets everyone in the gym know you made it.  I needed some feeling of satisfaction and some sense of bragging rights after I climbed all that way!


Okay, time to talk food.  Here’s some of this past weekend’s meals.  Recipes will be posted soon!  Spring break is next week and I’ll have plenty of time to update things on here.


Turkey and Pear SaladImage

Pineapple Glazed Salmon


Mixed Veggie Salad w/  Salmon


Detox Salad

Well – I’m hitting the sack early tonight.  I have get up early for court tomorrow.  Luckily, I’m just an observer for this one!  My Forensic Psychology professor is taking some of us to sit in on a drug treatment court…should be interesting!  Night!


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