Bistro 61

A stress-relieving, relaxing yoga session was more than welcoming this morning.   I think Sundays are the perfect days for yoga. It’s great way to end your weekend and a calming way to start the week ahead.  Now, let’s rewind back to the beginning of my weekend, shall we?

On Friday, my mom came into the city to hang out for the day.  We didn’t really have anything special planned, so we decided we’d go browse the sales at Macy’s.  We both particularly love their shoe department!  When we got to the shoe department at this Macy’s…eghem, I’m sorry…when we get to the shoe FLOOR at this Macy’s, I was immediately overwhelmed.  There was an endless amount of shoes.  This picture does not even do it justice.  Much more shoes than the Macy’s I usually shop at.  It was fun to look around at all the fun shoes though.  No way could I ever actually shop in this Macy’s.  It has eight floors in total!

ImageAs you can imagine, looking at all these shoes and even trying some on was extremely tiring, so we got coffee at Starbucks.  Apparently a lot of people get tired after looking at all of these shoes because there was conveniently a Starbucks on the shoe floor, right behind where I stood to take this picture.

After some more browsing at the clothes, we headed out for a late lunch/early dinner.  Such an awkward time to eat in the city.  It was  about 4pm, and each restaurant was practically empty, if the restaurant was even open yet.  Like I said in my last post, most New Yorkers are the type to go out all night but then sleep at least half of the next day away. They don’t usually come back out for the night until 7 or 8 pm.

We decided to eat at Bistro 61, a tiny French restaurant on the Upper East Side.  The exposed brick, dim lighting from vintage chandeliers, and walnut tables gave this place a warm, cozy vibe.


It being only 4 pm, there were only a few other people in the restaurant so it wasn’t over crowded or loud.  We were able to relax and take our time eating dinner.

We were given bread and olive oil to hold us over, and we both ordered some hot green teas.


My mom ordered the Hachis Parmentier.  Translation: Sautéed beef with fresh herbs & onion, topped with garlic mashed potato & gruyère cheese, baked & served in a cassuela.


I ordered the La Salade du Chef with chicken, which I’m sure you can guess, is a chef salad.

ImageThe presentation of both meals was beautiful and they were delicious too.  The chicken on my salad was especially yummy.  I don’t know what they seasoned it with, but it was very flavorful!

Finally, for dessert, we split Strawberry Crepes.  They were filled with strawberry jam and real strawberries. On the side, we got a small scoop of a berry ice cream.  I think the ice cream was my favorite part!  And I have to admit, I was too excited for this dessert that I forgot to take a picture before taking a bite…it happens.


Bistro 61 is definitely one of those hidden gems of the city.  I love it when I find cute restaurants like this.  I have a rule to never go to the same restaurant twice in the city because there are so many great places to try.


5 thoughts on “Bistro 61

  1. Oh goodness–that salad looks absolutely amazing! (Without the chicken, of course, for this vegetarian :-)). Looks like you got rested and filled up quite well after all that shoe shopping. I would have loved going to that Macy’s–I totally love shoes too!

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