Motivational Monday

I’m not going to start a typical Motivational Monday post as many blogs do, but something has been on my mind lately that has been my form of motivation and it just so happens to be Monday!

“You don’t have to workout. You get to workout.”

I saw this quote on the internet somewhere last week and it really made me think.  Working out is truly a privilege.  This motivational quote really hit home with me specifically because one of my best friends who I’ve known since first grade was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma.  Fortunately, she will most likely be cured at the end of her chemotherapy treatment.  Though it’s still scary that someone so close to me and also so young has been diagnosed with cancer.  She is still in the early stages of her treatment, but soon she will be too weak and too sick to workout at all.  

This has really turned around my way of looking at fitness and exercising.  She described feeling as though she has no control over her health.  I am lucky enough to still have that control, to still have the strength to workout everyday, and to even have that form of escape during stressful times.  

Too often, we take for granted the fact that we have the option of getting up everyday, putting on our gym clothes, and exercising – doing something good for our health.  People groan and complain about how they have to go to the gym…they hurry through a workout because it’s what they’re “supposed” to do.  Next time you’re having one of these days, as I know I have them at times, remember that there are people out there who don’t even have the option.  Be thankful that you still have the ability.


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