Stir(fry) Crazy!

I just caught the beginning of the Oscar’s and let me tell you…Bradley Cooper is lookin’ good and the fact that he came with his mom..adorable!  I’m not a huge Oscar’s fan…or any award show fan for that matter.  I have usually only seen a mere few of the movies nominated and I’m awful at remembering actors and actresses by their names.  There’s so much hype around it all and I just don’t get it haha, but if any actor or any movie has my vote…it’s Bradley Cooper for leading actor in a leading role and Silver Linings Playbook for best picture.  And I’m not just saying that because it’s the only movie I’ve seen out of all the nominees 🙂 It really was a great movie and Bradley Cooper did such an awesome job in it.

Anyway, onto the good stuff.  So I have to tell you, my triceps are feeling it today.  You can check out my workout from yesterday on my new Daily Workout Log page.  I did a few housekeeping things within the site yesterday.   I also added a recipe index to make it easier to find all of recipes I’ve posted thus far.

My Sundays either call for going out to breakfast, where I’ll usually get an egg white omelet, or if I’m having a lazy sunday morning at home, Sundays call for pancakes!  Today was a lazy sunday morning in, so pancakes it was!  I used a Hodgson Mills whole wheat butter milk pancake mix.  Then heated up some berries in the microwave, added just a little bit of sugar-free syrup to the berries, and topped my pancakes with them. On the side, I had scrambled egg whites with chopped peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

2:24 breakfast

After getting back to NY today, I did some grocery shopping and food prepping for the week.


These past few days, I’ve been shying away from my usual salad for lunch and opting for a veggie stir-fry instead.  One day I had a mix of veggies I found in the fridge (red pepper, green pepper, broccoli,mushroom,  onions, even eggplant) with some leftover chicken and some egg whites, and topped it with a little bit of my wheat berry salad that I also had leftover.


Another day I had that same combination with quinoa instead of wheat berry and topped it with a little bit of the Fire Roasted Red Pepper Salsa w/ Goat Cheese from Whole Foods.  This is such a great way to use up any fresh vegetables you have left in your fridge at the end of the week before they spoil.  It also doesn’t require a lot of creativity or thinking.  You just chop up whatever you have in the fridge, throw it in a pan with some olive oil and you’re done!

Veggie Stir Fry

Not to mention this is super, super healthy.  I mean, it’s just a bunch of veggies, and either egg whites or chicken.  It doesn’t get much cleaner than that!  All of the times I’ve had it this weekend, it has been a post-workout meal, and it was so satisfying and squashed my post-workout hunger, leaving me feeling satisfied and re-nourished for awhile!

Hope everyone has an awesome week! 🙂


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