Pineapple Mango Salmon and this morning’s breakfast!

 I think breakfast might just be my favorite meal of the day and it used to be my least favorite.  I also have this weird new obsession with pancakes and I used to hate pancakes.  What is happening to me?  Due to this new obsession, I am always looking for new healthier pancake recipes, and I have tried a bunch.  Some worked out well…and other’s not so much.  The banana and egg version…eh.  For how healthy and low-cal they are, I might consider sacrificing the flavor, but it’s debatable. There’s just nothing about a “pancake” that is made of only banana and egg that makes it a pancake, besides maybe it’s shape.

This morning I made Banana Bread Protein Pancakes that I found on one of my favorite blogs, Peanut Butter Fingers.  I topped it with PB2 mixed with more water than needed to make it a little more of a peanut butter sauce.  I also heated up some frozen blueberries in the microwave and topped the pancake with those.  I have an odd obsession with blueberries and will add them to pretty much anything I can.




For dinner Wednesday night, I had salmon topped with a pineapple mango salsa bought from Whole Foods with a side of asparagus.  To make the salsa yourself, the ingredients are mango, pineapple, sweet onion, scallions, red bell pepper, and salt.

To make the salmon, I heated a tablespoon of olive oil in a large pan. Then I placed the salmon in the pan and sprinkled a blackening seasoning that is meant for fish on one side of it.  I also squeezed the juice from 1/2 a lime over the salmon.  In the same pan, I added the asparagus, and sprinkled just a little bit of lemon-pepper seasoning on them.  I flipped the salmon after I saw the underside of it getting to that pink color indicating it was cooked about half-way through. Each side should be cooked about 6-8 minutes – it’s going to depend on how thick your cut of salmon is though.  Meanwhile, keep turning the asparagus every few minutes.  When both salmon and asparagus are done, place them on a plate and top with the pineapple mango salsa.  Garnish with some mint and another squeeze of lime juice.

ImageI love this salsa!  I will definitely be getting it again soon and finding new ways to incorporate it into my meals!


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