Whole Foods in PA and Sesame Ginger Halibut


I first discovered Whole Foods when I moved to New York and immediately fell in love.  So many new, healthy foods and products I have never seen before.  Fruits and vegetables are beautifully displayed, the selection of fine cheese goes on and on, the aroma of fresh breads and other goodies in the bakery fill the air, and the freshly prepared foods are the most interesting creations I’d never think of myself, and are delicious.  Everytime I go into a Whole Foods I’m like a kid in a candy store.  And then I come back to reality and realize, this is my life…I get excited over grocery stores.  In all honesty though, going to Whole Foods is definitely an experience.

I recently became aware that there was a Whole Foods in Pennsylvania about 45 minutes from where I live.  My mom and I decided to take the drive out to this Whole Foods yesterday.  It was HUGE, so much bigger than the ones I’ve been to in New York.  I could not wait to go in!


They even had a pub in this store!


…and this coffee shop that had the most unique flavors of gelato.


…and this station where you could package your own bath salts!


I was in heaven, jumping from one thing to the next.

If I’m ever looking for some kind of healthy food, that isn’t too common and a lot of people haven’t heard of it, I know for a fact Whole Foods will have it.  For example, I have been looking for goji berries for so long now at every grocery store…Whole Foods had them, along with cacao nibs.  On the down side, I do have to admit, they were a bit pricey.


There was also a special on Halibut – $14.99 a pound, so we bought a pound and decided that would be dinner.  To go with the Halibut we got two bunches of arugala to make a side salad with some fresh heirloom tomatoes.  To season the Halibut, we bought a Sesame Ginger seasoning Blend that had Organic Black and White Sesame Seeds with ginger in it.  For the dressing for the arugala, we pretty much just whisked together a little bit of balsamic vinegar, chopped tomatoes (slicing tomatoes, not the heirlooms), garlic, lemon juice, and fresh pepper.  The whole dinner was super fresh and tasty.



5 thoughts on “Whole Foods in PA and Sesame Ginger Halibut

  1. Whole Foods is the best! I’m lucky enough to have one 5 minutes away, so I am there most weeks. I love all the baking products they have – coconut flour, almond flour, hemp seed, pretty much all the ingredients a lot of healthy recipes call for these days!

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