Shoulder and Ab Workout

If you’ve read my ‘About Me’ section of the blog, you’ll know that I want to start really incorporating a strength training plan into my gym routine.  I’ve strength trained before, but I never really developed an actual plan.  I wasn’t sure which muscle group to pair up for which days of the week. The whole thing kind of baffled me.  I did research on it on many sites, and then I came across Jamie Eason’s LiveFit 12 week plan.  The plan has three phase and is complete with a meal guide for each day as well.  I figured this would be a good place to at least start from to develop my own strength training plan that is comfortable and tailored to my fitness goals.  I don’t follow her nutrition plan though.  She also advises that you don’t include cardio in the first phase and well, I just can’t do that haha.  My cardio routine is exactly the same as it was before.  I don’t think I could go a week without running.  I also don’t follow her strength training routines to a ‘T’…I usually end up adjusting them so they are more at my fitness level.  Today I did the exercises for the shoulders and abs day. My abs are probably my strongest muscle group that I’ve always worked, so I knew I needed to add more ab exercises.  Below is the workout that I did today.  I will say, if you’re a complete beginner at working out and strength training, I think her whole plan is great.  I also really like the site in general.  They have every exercise you can think of categorized by the muscle group being worked.  If you don’t know how to do any of the exercises, they have videos of the exercise being performed on their website as well.  It’s a great resource for beginners.

After running 30 minutes on the treadmill using HIIT training this morning, I started on this workout!


Clearly, I’m getting in the valentine’s day mood!


3 thoughts on “Shoulder and Ab Workout

  1. Yay! I love this post! I’m glad you got the chance to look at the livefit trainer! I love your idea to look over the trainer and adjust it to whatever works best for your body and lifestyle.

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