Trip to Dr. Oz and a New Healthy Food Joint in the city!

It’s been a few days since I have posted!  I’ve been in NY these past few days, for the beginning of my semester up there.  On Tuesday though, my mom and I went to the Dr. Oz show!  I absolutely love his show – it’s bad…I’m like a 40 year old woman sometimes, I swear.  The topics he presents on his show are so cutting edge and also controversial at times, but I think he does an excellent job at showing all aspects of a topic.  And that is really important, so people don’t all go jumping on the bandwagon for something (ex. a new diet trend) that could be potentially dangerous to them.  So bottom line, Dr. Oz is great.


And bonus!!  My roommate is interning with the Dr. Oz show right now, and happened to be working the audience that day, so she got us VIP tickets 🙂 Which ended up not really meaning much actually…haha. We were guaranteed tickets into the show, seated first, which meant somewhat close seats.ImageImage

We were there for the filming of several different episodes.  One was on the HGC Shot for weight loss.  Another segment was “Secrets Women Keep From Their Doctors.”  And last, he talked about the crazy things moms say to their kids.  Overall, we had a great time.  I’m excited to go again!

Afterwards, it was lunchtime, so we scouted out a healthy place to grab a bite to eat.  My roommate told me about this place called Fresh & Co that has so many healthy options.  One of the things I love about New York City is that a lot of people there are health conscious, so there are so many restaurants and food joints that offer healthy options.  Here in PA, I don’t have that luxury 😦   At Fresh & Co, they had healthy soups and sandwiches, a make-your-own salad counter, pre-made healthy sides, and they just added a center where you can create a made-to-order quinoa salad bowl.  I ordered the Sesame Ginger Seitan Quinoa Bowl, which had quinoa, kale, seitan, white cabbage, carrots, daikon, broccoli, scallions, pickled ginger and cilantro with soy ginger sauce in it.


This was one of their vegan options.  I’m not vegan and I had no idea what seitan even was before this.  Everything in it was delicious though.  I might have to try to create a few of my own quinoa bowls at home now.  I’m inspired! 🙂  Last but not least, this place delivers! Although, when McDonalds and Burger King even offer delivery in the city, I’m not too surprised by this anymore…haha.  Here’s the website for Fresh & Co:  If you live in the city, or are ever visiting the city, I strongly suggest you check it out for a quick and cheap lunch option!


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