Skinny Shepherd’s Pie!

Today was a rest day for me.  My legs are killing me, and after working out everyday over a week and a half straight, a rest day was definitely in order!  On rest days, I try to make sure to eat extra healthy.

For breakfast today, I had steel cut oats with walnuts and mixed berries drizzled with honey, and half of a grapefruit on the side, with a big, warm mug of coffee.


For lunch, I had a big salad made with mixed greens, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, some cubed chicken leftover from last night’s dinner, and a sprinkle of fat-free crumbled feta on top!  For the dressing, I drizzled a little bit of olive oil on it and some balsamic vinegar.  It was so yummy!  You hardly need any dressing because the peppers and artichokes give it so much flavor already.


It has been freezing here lately, and all I’ve been wanting is comfort food! So for I attempted to create a healthier version of shepherd’s pie/pot pie.  I had leftover white turkey breast in my fridge I needed to use up.  In a small glass dish, I layered the turkey, and then frozen mixed vegetables (it was a pea, carrot, and green bean mix).  I poured about a 1/3 cup of fat free and reduced-sodium chicken broth over the turkey and vegetables.  While I was doing this, I had  a sweet potato in the microwave until cooked through.  When the sweet potato was done, i peeled the skin off and mashed the potato in a bowl and spread it on top of the turkey and veggies.  I popped in the oven at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes.



This was probably the most delicious skinny version of a comfort food I have ever made!

It even had my mom’s stamp of approval!  She is not about sacrificing flavor in order to lighten up a recipe, and she loved it!


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